REFCL – Information for High Voltage customers

Rapid Earth Fault Current Limiter (REFCL) is a preventative measure for High Voltage (HV) customers that reduces the risk of powerlines starting bushfires. It works by rapidly limiting the current that is released in a phase to ground earth fault via a protective device installed in the neutral point of the 22kV zone substation transformer.

We are currently supporting AusNet Services with surveying to identify HV customers who are connected to a REFCL protected network and who will need to implement a strategy to mitigate the consequences of elevated voltages on their assets.

AusNet has recommended the following solutions for customers on these protected networks:

  • Installation of an isolation transformer.
  • Hardening of the customer’s HV electrical primary assets.
  • Conversion to a low voltage supply.

You can find out more about REFCL, technical details of how it works and possible solutions for HV customers here.