20 years of Powerplant

In 1999 our Director, Greg Plant, launched a small (very small!) electrical design consultancy, working hard to provide the very best designs and project management possible. Building trust with clients was key, as was navigating relationships with networks and contractors, but the goal was always to solve problems as effectively and economically as possible and impact positively on the electricity supply industry.

We are now 20 years into our story but in many ways we’ve got ourselves to a whole new starting point. As Greg says, with each step we take, more possibilities come into view. It is no accident that we find ourselves in the in the right place, at the right time and in the right shape to do what we are here for – we really are building a better industry.

The last two years have been particularly transformative.

  • We have hired a CEO and established an Executive.
  • We won the premier award for Business of the Year in our region.
  • We have established support contracts with all Victorian distribution networks.
  • We’ve emerged as the only company with Rating 1 Accreditation across all disciplines.
  • We have almost 100 staff on board and implemented an industry leading graduate program.
  • We’ve opened new markets and are offering new services.
  • We have delivered services to major project works all over the state and are quoting now on interstate opportunities.
  • Most of all we’ve kept the same things in mind as we did 20 years ago – happy customers, happy networks, happy contractors, and a happy team.

We are proud of our achievements in the industry and know that we still have a lot to give. We continue to live our Values – People, Performance, and Pride. We have a great team and welcome talented people into our business. We embrace technology to streamline our work and aim high in the solutions we offer, and we constantly seek feedback on how we can do things better.

Thank you for your support and here’s to next 20 years!