Major Development Management going strong

It has been six months since we have rolled out our first MDM service to our largest customers and the feedback has been great. We knew the development industry wanted more from electrical consulting providers, particularly in design and project management (PM2) services, driven by a need to achieve Statement of Compliance within planned timeframes, so we have been tailoring services to suit the individual developer to assist in delivering on these expectations. Leading this service is our Manager Major Developments, Matt Doggett, who works directly with developers and consultants to manage the project from end to end.

The service is built on overall management of the electrical design at a development level including early identification and management of risks, stakeholder management, increased site presence and coaching during construction, and greater transparency and reporting.

We offer tailored additional services packages for large developments that offer value whether taken up from the planning stage of the development, or once construction is underway.

Some of these inclusions which represent the additional services are below and are considered most effective in enhancing the success of the construction of electrical infrastructure.

  • Perform role as Network Account Manager – arranging regular meetings with and engaging at various levels of network authority as required.
  • Attendance at Project Control Group (PCG) meetings.
  • Attendance at Site meetings based on what is required to influence the construction process and optimise the electrical compliance.
  • Provide strategic advice and support to streamline the attainment of SoC and electrical connections.
  • A site inspection by Powerplant ahead of the Network Final Audit (a Pre-Audit) to identify potential non-conformances that will be identified in the Audit.
  • Provision of a detailed report with photos to all stakeholders to enable rectification, and active facilitation of the required rectification.
  • A review of As Built drawings against the approved plan to ensure compliance and management of rectifications required.
  • Attendance by Powerplant at the Network Final Audit to engage with the Auditor throughout.
  • Regular and proactive project tracking and reporting using status reporting templates and also utilising Powerplant’s web based project management solution, Wrike.

If you would like to know more about how these services could benefit your project, please speak with us and we can prepare a tailored proposal.