A great place to work

We attract, employ and develop highly capable people who want to build a better industry, and as the most valuable asset of our business we strive to keep our team of 90+ people happy and engaged.

We want to be seen by staff as a great place to work, with a balance of care for each other and a passion to deliver excellent results together. That there is a positive vibe in the office and a leadership team that sets an example with an open and authentic style.

“I passionately believe that a highly engaged workforce will result in better business outcomes, improved safety, better customer service and lower staff turnover”, says our CEO, John Kelso. “It also makes the work environment, where we spend much of our time, a positive place to be.”

We check in with our staff annually to find out how they feel about working at POWERPLANT, areas where they would like to see improvement and their ideas for achieving a happier, healthier workplace for everyone. Our latest results compare very favorably with industry benchmarks, with 85% of employees engaged. It should be noted that these figures were achieved as our POWERPLANT workforce continues to grow, demonstrating a strong positive culture even during periods of significant change.

Some highlights of the results and staff comments:

  • 95% feel that workplace safety is considered important at Powerplant;
  • 97% would not hesitate to recommend Powerplant to a friend seeking employment;
  • 95% feel empowered to take accountability to deliver improved outcomes to make our business better;
  • 97% feel that the flexibility of Powerplant’s working arrangement is a benefit to them.


“dynamic work environment to achieve the best outcomes for customers”

“Great people, rewarding friendships, feel a sense of value in what we deliver”

We are proud to be leading the way in our industry with this result!

We’re going green

We recently installed a 51kW solar project at our head office in Hallam with the goal of having 75% of the office’s energy requirements generated onsite, saving 90,000kg of carbon emissions per annum and an approximately $200,000 saving on our power bills over the next 10 years.

In addition to solar, we have also switched to LED lighting across the business – an investment that will save a further 60,000 kg of CO2 per annum and approximately $240,000 over 10 years.

The solar and LED projects, which were completed by Cherry Energy, come at a time when more of our clients are discussing ways in which they can introduce renewables into their electrical designs.

Our CEO, John Kelso, says, “We are committed to investing in sustainable practices that allow us to do business as normal while preserving the environment. We are proud to demonstrate ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions that make good business sense.”