Delivering for Gumbuya World

We have been a key delivery partner to Gumbuya World from the start of their expansion works, designing and project managing construction of their required power upgrade. In 2019 Gumbuya again engaged us to complete design and PM, this time to meet the increased capacity needed for their phase 2 expansions.

The project came with some significant challenges and tight timeframes as the feasibility study identified the surrounding network would not be able to deliver the maximum demand of the park. Very clever thinking by our design team led to the recommission of an out-of-service 132kV transmission line, resulting in a safe and cost-effective design solution for the client.

Multiple stakeholders, land access negotiations, material supply issues and undocumented third-party assets also challenged our team and required onsite solutions to ensure the schedule was not affected. The project was successfully delivered in October and the park opened as planned in the first week of November. This was an excellent result for our team, and acknowledgment must also go to Clint Mayberry, Power Cables Pty Ltd, Timco, Prasinus Energy Services, AusNet Services Customer Projects Lilydale who worked alongside us.