Electric Vehicle charging stations

We are increasingly receiving requests for information about design and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points from local councils. Having recently installed EV sites in several spots around regional Victoria, we have good knowledge of the products available to best suit different locations.

We can design and construct the charging point of supply and electrical site layout, including cable, conduit, transformer and charging station locations, determine appropriate circuit protection and also negotiate supply capacity with the electrical authority.

If your council is interested in investigating EV charging options for your municipality, please get in touch. We are happy to hold initial discussions anytime.

Welcome Kayla – our new Business Development Manager

Please join us in welcoming Kayla George, our new Business Development Manager, to the Powerplant team. This is a key appointment for us and with extensive experience in energy utilities, metering, renewable energy and embedded networks we know Kayla will add great value to customers across all areas of our business.

She recently wrapped up 11+ years working with Select Solutions and Mondo, and brings a long list of achievements including delivery of several large solar generation projects and establishing Select Solutions embedded networks and sub-metering service. Outside of work she is a long-time volunteer with the CFA in her local area, spending many hours on the fire truck. 

 She has been looking forward to starting with us and the feeling is mutual! Welcome Kayla.

Smiths Lane for Mirvac

We are close to delivering extensive electrical relocations, lighting and new electrical assets for stages 1, 2 & 3 of Smiths Lane, an innovative Mirvac development in Clyde North.

A complex design with multiple separate projects running concurrently, several constructors onsite, and tight timeframes with multiple stages relying on road relocations, required a rigorous approach. Our PMs were regularly onsite, detailed preconstruction meetings were held with the constructors and Mirvac, and our detailing capabilities were utilised to compare actual with as-builts. Pre-audits for electrical and NBN were also key to ensuring minimal non compliances and achieving compliance to timeframe.

To date, the relocation of Thompsons Road has been completed, along with undergrounding/overhead removal for Smiths Lane, lighting, including signalised intersection, has been installed along with all telco assets.

Special mention to contractors on the project, UCS and Prasinus, who worked safely through difficult weather conditions and a tight timeframe to deliver the OH and undergrounding works.

Resilience program

These Covid times have tested all of us in ways we couldn’t have imagined, and helping each other through the ups and downs has been a focus for the Powerplant team. With the support of Amanda Purnell from Springfox, we took part in a series of high impact, practical learning sessions designed to measure and assess our individual resilience and teach us how to build on areas where we can be better.

Of great value to us was the resilience diagnostic report which gave each team member a point-in-time resilience score along with practical suggestions of ways to try and build resilience. Following three resilience sessions the diagnostic report will be repeated and next steps planned.

The sessions so far have been a great way for us to share our concerns, recognise we are all facing challenges and get some practical support.

Some questions we had were:
How to be focused during working from home and how to know when you should switch off/take a break?
Where does Powerplant team sit based on this assessment comparing to other businesses in the same industry, what are our strengths and weaknesses?
Tips to stop worrying about stuff we cannot control?
Suggestions for how we can create a separation between work and life after hours especially now as we work from home.
Any ideas on getting better night sleep?