Our latest customer satisfaction survey results

The results of our annual customer satisfaction survey are in – thank you to all those who took part. We are very happy to see an overall increase in how well our customers feel we are meeting their needs, and also appreciative of the feedback on how we can make our offerings work even better for our customers.

Some highlights

– We achieved a Net Promoter score of 25 (net promoter is a tool used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customer relationships – a score above 0 is considered ‘good’)
– 83% of respondents felt that our service met their needs either very well or extremely well (up from 72% last year).
– 88% reported being somewhat satisfied, satisfied or very satisfied with Powerplant overall (up from 86% in 2018)
– 80% of respondents rated us as very responsive to questions or concerns about our service.

Areas we are working to develop on in the new financial year include building on our current e-communication, offering customers real-time reporting on projects via our online works management system and maximising the value of our detailing and auditing functions by using iAuditor and GPS units to full potential.

Our focus on improving project delivery and increasing customer satisfaction will continue, with QA processes for all our work and consistency in offering the best and most complete solutions for the projects we work on.

We are proud of our focus on continuous improvement, and feedback from our customers is one of the best ways we can get better.

A great place to work

We attract, employ and develop highly capable people who want to build a better industry, and as the most valuable asset of our business we strive to keep our team of 90+ people happy and engaged.

We want to be seen by staff as a great place to work, with a balance of care for each other and a passion to deliver excellent results together. That there is a positive vibe in the office and a leadership team that sets an example with an open and authentic style.

“I passionately believe that a highly engaged workforce will result in better business outcomes, improved safety, better customer service and lower staff turnover”, says our CEO, John Kelso. “It also makes the work environment, where we spend much of our time, a positive place to be.”

We check in with our staff annually to find out how they feel about working at POWERPLANT, areas where they would like to see improvement and their ideas for achieving a happier, healthier workplace for everyone. Our latest results compare very favorably with industry benchmarks, with 85% of employees engaged. It should be noted that these figures were achieved as our POWERPLANT workforce continues to grow, demonstrating a strong positive culture even during periods of significant change.

Some highlights of the results and staff comments:

  • 95% feel that workplace safety is considered important at Powerplant;
  • 97% would not hesitate to recommend Powerplant to a friend seeking employment;
  • 95% feel empowered to take accountability to deliver improved outcomes to make our business better;
  • 97% feel that the flexibility of Powerplant’s working arrangement is a benefit to them.


“dynamic work environment to achieve the best outcomes for customers”

“Great people, rewarding friendships, feel a sense of value in what we deliver”

We are proud to be leading the way in our industry with this result!