This depends on your needs, and on what works your project needs. Our ability to arrange for major works depends on the availability of materials and construction resources. Lead times may be anywhere from a few days for the most minor works to several months for more complex projects.

Powerplant will help you to find the most cost effective solution and will provide you with the most valuable advice and assistance. While we will aim to find the least cost technically available solution for you, the cheapest solution may not always be the best.

You need to make contact with us, and you will need to supply us with specific information. This may include anticipated usage for a new business, plans of proposed works, as well as critical information (eg target dates), so that we can understand your needs and help to develop a solution.

If you are happy with all services offered by the Utility you may choose to proceed without assistance from Powerplant. But you may wish to consider:

  • External providers of construction resources, as we will find for you, may be able to construct works sooner than the utility can.
  • You will still receive the same Utility Contribution if you choose to use an alternative solution.
  • We may be able to form solutions to meet your needs by combining the resources of several smaller civil or electrical construction companies who, without our assistance, may not be able to assist you.

Powerplant can arrange to meet you on site to discuss your specific project needs. It may be necessary for you to consent to the payment of an initial fee to cover on-site visits prior to us meeting you.

There may be. Any up front costs will be advised to you during our initial contact. Powerplant needs to ensure that our works are paid for, even if you decide not to proceed with Powerplant after our initial on site meeting.

Powerplant considers you as number 1 stakeholder. Your needs are the most important, and as part of getting to know you we will get to understand your needs. There may well be means of reducing your project costs by having you complete specific components of works yourself.

This will be advised to you as part of our ongoing contact.

Powerplant can work closely with you to find you the best deal possible. We will need certain information from you to help make an analysis. We may also need consent from you in writing so that we can obtain information from the Utilities or Retailers to help to find you the best deal possible.