Cost efficient network solutions – for large energy users & private network owners

We offer customers a complete service for establishment of, or conversion to, Customer Owned Energy Networks. By leveraging the latest in new energy business models and technology, we work with business owners and operators to significantly reduce the cost of your electricity supply.

We support businesses to:

  • assess their electricity supply network options and provide cost improvement solutions
  • plan for growth and reliability of electricity assets
  • prepare conversion concepts, business cases and implementation plans
  • provide HV project management and procurement services
  • manage design and construction of privately owned networks
  • negotiate network connections with electricity companies
  • integrate distributed energy resources – especially solar and cogeneration
  • evaluate generator connections (AEMO and Network Company compliance).

Strategic and regulatory advice
With our extensive experience and understanding of the electricity utility industry in the evolving regulatory environment, we can advise private and embedded network owners and operators on strategic, technical and regulatory aspects of distribution electricity networks.

Asset management
We investigate and report on cost saving opportunities and how to reduce risk associated with electricity assets. We conduct performance reviews of existing asset management practices, make recommendations on how to achieve optimum outcomes, and assist with the implementation of recommended strategies.

Engineering and design services
We offer private HV network owners and operators the benefit of our 20-plus years of electrical design experience, without reliance on support from a distribution network. We assist in navigating technical, regulatory and financial challenges, liaise with electricity network owners and operators, and guide you through emerging opportunities for renewable and locally distributed generation, take up of electric vehicles and application of smart grid technologies.

We offer:

  • Network planning, protection and power system studies, steady state and dynamic.
  • Connection Agreement negotiation for increased loads and alterations.
  • Network connection reviews to evaluate conversion to HV tariffs.
  • Power quality, harmonics and electric and magnetic field studies.

Technical advice for network owners
Powerplant can provide technical advice as owner’s engineer, lender’s engineer or due diligence adviser. Services include risk reviews, advice for electricity asset valuation, condition assessment and inspection, witness testing, site performance, and operational and maintenance advice. This service can be applied to renewable energy connections, large embedded networks and regulated electricity networks.

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