Our detailing and auditing function offers proven value to projects by assisting our delivery team to achieve project compliance as promptly as possible, providing:

  • site works to collect ‘as constructed’ detail
  • preparation of As Built drawings in utility format
  • facilitation of network approval of As Built plans.

We continue to use the best available technology to streamline both our auditing and detailing processes and improve quality, supported by our innovative works management system. We have four accredited auditors, performing a range of civil, electrical (underground and overhead) and cable hauling audits and inspections.

VEDN auditing

Our VEDN Auditing team works as part of our delivery team and alongside our detailers to ensure synergies between field activities wherever possible. We want the auditing process to be a positive experience for all involved and see the value in taking time to explain outcomes on site to help constructors develop and improve.

Our Authorised Auditors can complete:

  • Civil
  • Road crossing conduit
  • Electrical, and
  • Cable Hauling Audits.

We also offer onsite advice and mentoring during the audit, to coach constructors where possible, along with timely provision of Audit Reports to enable rectification of any nonconformances identified.