There are man instances where new commercial or industrial supplies require infrastructure upgrade works so that an adequate supply of electricity can be connected to the new installation.

Our office does not provide services to coordinate routine connections for new developments to existing assets. These routine connections are coordinated by the electrical Distribution and Retail companies and do not normally require our input.

Our office can assist you with the following works:

  • Arranging for upgrading existing substations connect supply to your property
  • Upgrading High Voltage or Low Voltage electrical mains to allow for your increased supply to be connected
  • Arranging for major underground service cables – perhaps in lieu of a new high voltage works, to connect your new supply
  • Coordinating the completion of the above works with other businesses in your area, and with the Electrical Distribution Company.

Our company is usually able to arrange for the completion of the above works much sooner than other options that may be available to you.

If your project needs any of these services, please call us or lodge an enquiry.