We think we do a good job here at POWERPLANT and are extremely pleased to see a recent customer satisfaction survey confirms our customers feel the same way. We achieved a Net Promoter score of 30 from our respondents – a true indicator of our current success – and gained some valuable insight into where we need to go next.

Some highlights

  • 86% of respondents were satisfied or somewhat satisfied with our overall service
  • 79% of customers say that the quality of work we provide is higher than our competitors, as is the value for money we offer.

Some learnings for us and how we are addressing them

  • Customers told us they would like more frequent communication about their projects, and more information on what we are doing to improve on this.
    • We now have a dedicated Project Support team, led by Lucy Nduru, to focus on consistency and quality in customer communications.
  • The timeliness of our delivery could be better.
    • We have resourced up to 75 staff, allocating people to key areas that will mean faster results for customers.

A key strategic objective for us is to focus on achieving best practice processes and delivery functions. This includes streamlining processes that result in improved project delivery, increased customer satisfaction and efficiencies. This should mean satisfied customers who are selecting POWERPLANT ahead of our competitors because of our superior solutions and delivery capability. We are pleased to see we’re on the right track.