The Team

Greg Plant

Proud founder of an award-winning company, music man, father of three and lover of opportunity – Greg is a man of vision and many talents.

After kicking off his energy career in the SEC, he spotted an opportunity in 1999 and created a company which, project by project, he built into a thriving business that is creating a better industry for his staff, customers and the wider community. He works hard, has built a team around him that does the same, and takes great pride in their success.

Off duty (or as close as Greg gets to it) he enjoys simple times with family and friends, camping on the Murray out of mobile reception. His latest ‘opportunity’ involves launching a community choir in the City of Casey and it won’t be his last – a true entrepreneur.

John Kelso
Jason Southby
Chief Executive Officer
Mark Campbell
Chief Financial Officer
Jay Graham
General Manager, Delivery
Simon Priest
General Manager, Design
Tobias Kadarusman
Business Development Manager
Siri Sao
Manager, Sustainability Consultancy
Brett Fox
Manager, Distribution Design
Justin Mitchelmore
Manager, Major Projects
Ben Ward
Manager, Network Services
Kayla George
Engineering Services Manager
James Kerner
Principal Engineer – Lighting
Siva Nadella
Manager, Lighting & Power
Bailey Dorling
Manager, URD Design
Alister Vassiliou
Manager URD PM
Spencer Nebel
Manager, Detailing & Auditing
Jessica Kealy
Company Accountant
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