We are recognised as the leading supplier of public lighting design services in our industry. We have a dedicated, enthusiastic and highly capable team of lighting specialists who work alongside our network support, undergrounding, and asset relocation design teams; a collaboration that provides a unique and outstanding service. We have extensive experience in design, development, installation, and review of lighting systems. We are constantly updating our knowledge of standards and processes and can often bring new products and services to lighting installations.

We specialise in:

Road and rail

  • Freeway, major road and rail lighting schemes, including tunnel lighting
  • Minor road lighting – including enhancements necessary for Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) projects
  • Car park and forecourt lighting systems.

Sportsfield lighting (for both greenfield sites and upgrades of existing installations)

  • lighting designs to meet the requirements of Council and AS/NZS 2560
  • light spill assessment and confirm compliance with AS/NZS 4282 (control of obtrusive light spill) for the lighting installation(s)
  • electrical design for a metered AS/NZS 3000 lighting installation
  • lighting control diagram and switching strategy
  • technical specification
  • review of tenders and make recommendations to Council
  • assistance during construction
  • aiming coordinates and attend site during aiming
  • commissioning/auditing of lighting installation.

Feature/architectural lighting

We offer specialised feature lighting design for building facades, public areas, car parks, forecourts, station platforms, structure illumination and any other architectural / feature lighting installations on railway grade separation projects. We can provide a complete and integrated solution package; lighting + electrical design ready for construction.