Sustainable energy consulting

We work with our customers to realise their financial and environmental goals by assessing renewable energy options, then designing and connecting them to the grid. For customers wanting to negotiate grid connections for high and low voltage, we offer energy modelling and power system studies.

We are highly experienced in EV charging infrastructure install and commissioning for commercial scale and public charging.

Renewable energy connections

We help you navigate the purchase and install of renewable energy connections (e.g. large scale solar, battery, wind).

We will lead you through an initial technical and economic feasibility study, identify the right technology and ownership model, connect you with renewable energy product manufacturers and retail options. We can then oversee on your behalf the interaction with your electricity network provider for any changes to your connection and supply requirements. We manage detailed design, including civil and on-site electrical, procurement of hardware and can project manage construction and commissioning to get your system online and working for you.

Commercial & industrial businesses and developers

We help you choose the most effective and economic options in solar and battery technology, to best meet your business or development energy needs.

Whether you’re considering solar and batteries for energy resilience (to withstand against supply interruptions), to achieve environmental objectives through supporting installation of renewable energy, or to offset power bills or trade energy, we will provide you with practical advice. We consider how to achieve your goals based on your unique site and objectives and can help you manage any infrastructure works.

Urban developers

We can assess the options available to include renewable energy and battery storage in your development and provide a plan to achieve your goals.

Our team is experienced in negotiating network connection agreements and achieving technical compliance with network providers. We will navigate the regulatory and electrical supply rules that impact connecting assets to the grid, share energy and introduce you to innovative solutions in the market to help achieve the best outcome.

Renewable Energy Zones

We enable your investment in renewable energy assets by identifying suitable locations for network connection, managing applications with the local network and providing the engineering studies required for approvals.

We can manage your embedded generator connection application with the electrical distribution authority, provide the technical studies, modelling and reports required and navigate the network processes on your behalf. Our Sustainable Energy Consulting team can also deliver design for network connections or upgrades, as well as oversee construction activities as a network-accredited project manager to get your assets connected.

Electric vehicle infrastructure

We are highly experienced in EV charging infrastructure install and commissioning for commercial scale and public charging and can determine electrical supply requirements for charging stations for public use, or per lot requirements for new developments.

We examine the feasibility of different charging options, and how they could be implemented within constraints such as planning regulations and network considerations. A feasibility assessment report will provide high-level information, followed by a detailed options and cost/benefit analysis via a preliminary assessment report.

Our team can then manage the process of designing your charging infrastructure, including network applications, procurement and engineering support during construction. Our drafting team ensures all designs are managed from project initiation to handover to you.

Energy modelling and power system studies

We use energy modelling and power system software to analyse performance of high voltage and low voltage networks for new connections, front-end engineering and detailed design. Software packages we use include:

  • Helioscope

  • Homer Energy

  • PSS®Sincal

  • PSSe

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