Powerplant is Safer by Design

Safety is not just a work matter – we live it 24/7. It applies to all aspects of our lives and we’re committed to ensuring we can all enjoy our life to the fullest, free from injury.

Safer by Design

We continue building on the safety program we established in 2018, with initiatives that will improve our safety systems, performance and culture. Our Safety Index, employee and customer feedback confirm that we operate safely, keep our people safe, and our design and engineering outcomes are achieving our objective - to be respected within the industry for our leadership and commitment to improving safety.

Safer by Design is a visual message connecting our people and customers to our safety program. It reminds us that our safety, and the safety of our colleagues and loved ones is our highest priority in everything we do.


What does Safer by Design mean?

Our safety doesn't happen by chance - we plan to be safe.

We are proactive in our approach to safety - we actively seek out and consider risks.

We apply innovative thinking in our design and project management of work for our customers.

We encourage all our team members to be safety leaders and to have the courage to call out unsafe practices or behaviours.

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