Smiths Lane for Mirvac

We are close to delivering extensive electrical relocations, lighting and new electrical assets for stages 1, 2 & 3 of Smiths Lane, an innovative Mirvac development in Clyde North.

A complex design with multiple separate projects running concurrently, several constructors onsite, and tight timeframes with multiple stages relying on road relocations, required a rigorous approach. Our PMs were regularly onsite, detailed preconstruction meetings were held with the constructors and Mirvac, and our detailing capabilities were utilised to compare actual with as-builts. Pre-audits for electrical and NBN were also key to ensuring minimal non compliances and achieving compliance to timeframe.

To date, the relocation of Thompsons Road has been completed, along with undergrounding/overhead removal for Smiths Lane, lighting, including signalised intersection, has been installed along with all telco assets.

Special mention to contractors on the project, UCS and Prasinus, who worked safely through difficult weather conditions and a tight timeframe to deliver the OH and undergrounding works.