When you are seeking distribution works to occur on a Victorian electricity distribution network related to:

  • Electricity network supply connections,
  • Upgrading, altering or augmenting an existing supply connection, or
  • Relocating an existing distribution network asset,

There are two pathways to arranging this work:

  • Option 1 – through the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP), or
  • Option 2 – contest the works.

Under Option 2, you may be able to seek alternative solutions, timelines and prices for the works as opposed to the offer provided to you by the DNSP. Not all distribution works are able to be contested, however if this option is available to your project, this avenue should be considered.

Contestable Option

Option 2 occurs where there is works required on the DNSP’s network that is eligible for contestability and a customer has exercised their right under the electricity Distribution Code to seek a competitive offer from suitable suppliers.

As the customer, you are able to choose who is engaged to undertake the work, however only contractors who have been accredited for the particular type of works by the DNSP are able to be engaged. These contractors are known as Accredited Service Providers.

Both the customer and contractor must follow the DNSP requirements and approvals for each project.