• Requires no changes to AusNet network (e.g new poles, lines, electricity pits).
  • Has no metering or technical issues.
  • Has no special requirements for additional power.

For example, apply for a basic connection under the following circumstances:

  • Overhead lines: Powerlines are located on the same side of the street as your
    property, with poles located within 20 metres and no clearance or
    property crossing issues.
  • Underground lines: An electricity service pit or pillar exists at the boundary of
    your property, with no property crossing.

Please click here to better understand your obligations relating to a Basic Connection in AusNet Services network area.

  • You’re feeding electricity back into AusNet’s distribution network from a solar power system or wind turbines.
  • Your new or upgraded embedded generation system has a maximum capacity of up to 4.6 kVA, or up to 3.5 kVA if connection to a SWER power line.
  • Your inverter meets technical requirements – ask your retailer for more information.

Please note: A battery system may have additional requirements that require preapproval. For more information, contact:

A standard connection applies where Ausnet Service’s network doesn’t quite reach the property. It might involve:

  • Installing a new service pit to provide a point of supply to your property (a pole to pit connection),
  • Connecting to an existing underground powerline (service joint to pit connection), or
  • Running a new above ground service line from an existing pole outside your property to your new building.

Please click here to better understand standard connections in AusNet Services network area.

A Negotiated Connection is one that requires;

  • Changes required to AusNet network (e.g new poles, lines or electricity pits).
  • Has metering or technical issues.
  • Has significant power requirements, exceeding 100 Amp, or more than 40 Amp per phase.
  • Your connection is to a SWER power lines – a single-cable power line.
  • You have an embedded ·generation system (or other renewable energy source) that could supply our electricity distribution network with more than 4.6 kVA, or more than 3.5 kVA if connected to a SWER powerline.
  • Your inverter or export system has special technical requirements – ask your installer for more information.

A REFCL HV Customer Connection is one that connects your new, privately owned High Voltage Customer Network to the High Voltage Network owned by the Supply Authority. These are complex projects – please make application to our company using the ‘We can Help’ button below for further assistance.

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